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At Lakeview Health, we deliver patient experiences designed by the best team of caregivers in the nation. Our commitment to you, our patients, is not solely when you are within our facilities but rather over your lifetime. We want to be a dependable resource for you far after you’ve left our facility.  Lakeview Health is unique in the addiction treatment field because of our addiction treatment programs, our staff, and our facility. Visit our Lakeview Health news page to learn more about recent developments at our Jacksonville, Florida rehab center, and how we are helping individuals and families from across Florida and the United States.

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At Stepping Stone Center for Recovery, our facility and staff provide award-winning programs for men and women struggling with alcohol, opioid, and substance use disorders. The dual diagnosis treatment addresses the addiction and concurrently treats co-occurring mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and mood disorders.  We believe in healing the whole person. Our full-time, on-site medical and clinical team put your recovery first. They will ensure they understand where you are in the addiction and identify any comorbidities.

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River Oak Center offers a strong academic program to students ages 14 to 19 who are in recovery from substance abuse and/or addiction.  Allowing them to focus on learning in an environment in which abstinence is required and supported. We believe that a sober school that incorporates 12-step principles is a key component on the continuum of treatment and recovery for our youth.  River Oak Center “The ROC” is a sober high school supporting the educational needs of teens in recovery.  It can be overwhelming for a teen to go to residential treatment or begin the journey of recovery. One of the biggest challenges they face is when they re-enter the school system. The ROC offers students an opportunity to grow (spiritually, academically, emotionally and socially) by integrating the principles of recovery into their daily education.


The JABA Club consisted of a meeting hall, a clubhouse and a halfway house to help men sober up and get back on their feet.  Today the JABA Club still carries out its mission of helping alcoholics and addicts achieve and maintain sobriety by keeping a facility to hold 12 step meetings, maintaining a clubhouse for the members and various recovery functions, maintaining a sober living environment for men early in recovery to become productive members of society and helping all those affected by alcoholism and addiction to live happy, joyous and free.

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P.O. Box 14289, Jax, Fl. 32238

(904) 710-3844

 AWAKENINGS HOUSE is a private sober living home for women only, located in the residential area of the Westside of Jacksonville Florida.   As a nonprofit organization, we focus on helping women recovering from substance abuse in a safe environment. 


Our organization offers affordable room, board, and utilities with computer/internet access.  Laundry is on site and linens and bedding is provided, as well as personal products and toiletries if needed.  Bus passes are also available to aid with transportation.  Along with personal, spiritual growth and development resources are given personally and in group settings along with yoga and meditation. 


We are a women's facility doing our part in the fight against the opioid epidemic in our region!


Alco House is a non profit corporation that provides a recovery housing program for men and women.  Our staff is comprised of individuals with years of recovery.  Alco House is devoted to helping others overcome the hopeless state of mind and body that accompanies chronic substance abuse!  A family type group home, free of substance abuse, provides the foundation needed by these men and women in early recovery.  The stability enables the client/resident an opportunity to rebuild their life.  Our organization provides for the basic needs such as food, shelter, companionship, etc. removing stress factors and allowing the emotional stabilization of the afflicted.


Gateway is a private non-profit drug and alcohol rehabilitation agency committed to building better communities by taking action against drug addiction. Our wide range of services includes e-therapy, residential and outpatient treatment programs for adults, adolescents, women with children, transitional recovery housing and more.  Focuses include (but are not limited to): awareness & prevention, detoxification, residential services, outpatient services, adolescent recovery, and recovery housing.

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Our mission is to emerge as a leader in treatment and recovery services by offering an effective curriculum through multiple sober living environments to those struggling with difficult hurts, hangups, and habits.  Foundations of Freedom is a Christ centered recovery program that combines biblical principles along with the 12 steps.  We provide our clients with a safe, sober living space to reside in, paired with a multitude of workshops.  Foundations of Freedom provides a simple yet effective door to long-term freedom from addictions and alcoholism.


2511 St Johns Bluff Road, Suit 106, Jacksonville Florida 32246

(904) 720-4297

At Sophros Recovery, we remain intensely focused on our “why,” which is to provide the tools for our clients to succeed in recovery. We help residents of Jacksonville recover from substance use disorders (SUD) and co-occurring mental health issues. Our focus is on client results, and we give each of our clients the best chance at long-term recovery.  Our programs include partial hospitalization, intensive, and guided outpatient care.  Sophros Recovery provides a high level of evidence-based support for all clients. Case management, alumni support, virtual therapy options, and medication-assisted treatment are just some of the ways we help our clients every step of the way. Our team will work with you to hone skills in communication, boundaries, healthy coping, stress reduction, and mindfulness. We support both 12-step and non-12-step programs so that every client can find their own path in recovery, even after treatment at Sophros.

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