Mike is a husband, father of two girls and grandfather of four. 

He is a graduate of Penn State and works as a Physical Therapist Assistant.  Mike has been sober since April 28, 1992 and an active member of the recovery community. 

He has been an athlete his entire life.  He started a sober softball team while living in Las Vegas as a way to encourage others to play sports and do healthy activities without drinking or using drugs.  He has run in 70+ half marathons, seven marathons, and a 50K Ultra Marathon. In early 2019,

he saw an opportunity to benefit the local Jacksonville recovery/running community by organizing the Inaugural

Run 4 Recovery 5K in Jacksonville.  



Vice Chair

Ashley has been athletic all her life – playing soccer, tennis

and running.  She grew up in New York, is a graduate of Dowling College in Long Island, and has a background in payroll and human resources.  She and her Marine husband have three beautiful daughters and are residents of Jacksonville.  After years of struggling with addiction, she sought help and found sobriety. She found that running was

a major part of her recovery and aided her in finding peace: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Upon the untimely death of her brother and meeting other runners who share the experience of addiction, she teamed up with them

to organize Runners4Recovery. Ashley has run seven marathons, 50+ half marathons and several triathlons. 

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It is Vanessa's pleasure to serve on R4R Board.  Vanessa is married to Michael Martinez.  They have two daughters and have four grandchildren. She is an Occupational Therapist Assistant. Vanessa also served as a facilitator for the Door

of Hope program which helps women find freedom from the effects of sexual abuse. Vanessa believes together we can help end a stigma that prevents true recovery for many different types of suffering individuals. She is so proud to be part

of this inspiring program that is shown to be uplifting to so many.  Vanessa enjoys beach activities and recently took up running to keep up with all the wonderful events happening

in our community through Runners4Recovery!


Board Member

Jason has been a Jacksonville resident for more than 30 years. He left Lubbock, Texas when he was 18 years old to serve

in the United States Navy, most of which at NS Mayport.

After eight years of service, Jason attended college and earned his degree in Communications from the University of North Florida, and eventually his Master’s in Educational Leadership. Jason has been in Education for the last 16 years, serving as the Principal at Joseph Stilwell Military Academy of Leadership as well as Edward H. White High School. He is currently the Director of Data and Assessment for Duval County Public Schools. Jason has three grown children, and resides in the heart of Riverside. After a life-long struggle with substance abuse and addiction, Jason has found running an integral part of his journey to recovery. His passion for running, recovery and reducing the stigma of addiction lead him to joining the Runners 4 Recovery Community. 


Board Member

Paul is a licensed Mental Health Counselor. As a graduate

of UNF, Paul has used his degree for many years as a therapist.  Paul has received an Achievement Award for his work with children, adolescents and families. Prior to moving to the USA in 1999, Paul worked in the New Zealand educational system as a teacher. Paul is married to Lydia and has daughter. Paul loves running and traveling the world to watch elite road races. He got involved with R4R as he loves what running has done for so many people he has come into contact with. Mike (founder of R4R) and Paul have known each other for a long time and Mike's passion for this great cause meant Paul 

needed to get on board.


Board Member

Kara is a Jacksonville native, mother of two young adults and loves animals.  She has worked as an IT Professional for 30 years. Her passion for athletics and a healthy lifestyle began back in high school and she participated in soccer, softball

and swimming. Kara started running to spend more time with her son. Her proudest athletic achievement was completing 

a Half IronMan in Haines City. Kara has another passion, and that is helping others in recovery with alcohol and drug addiction. Kara herself is in recovery and she is excited

to serve on the Runners4Recovery Board of Directors.  She feels like she can raise awareness for the recovery community and show people how they can benefit from a healthy and active lifestyle.


Board Member

Born in Memphis, TN, Bill grew up with two younger brothers and a younger sister. He became an Eagle Scout as a teenager and graduated with his business degree from the University

of Alabama. Bill has a son and two daughters. While Bill loved the challenging and competitive sales climate, it was also very stressful and he started running to burn off steam. Running has afforded Bill the opportunity to visit many of the US states while racing and he has competed in the Marine Corps Marathon, the Boston Marathon, the JKF 50, the Paris Marathon and many others. Bill is excited to serve on the Runners 4 Recovery Board because he feels we can make

a difference in the recovery community.


Board Member

Cheryl is a wife, mother and grandmother, and family

is everything to her. Cheryl’s professional background

is advertising and printing and she and her husband own an air conditioning company.

She is a Jacksonville native and absolutely loves the heat

and the water. Cheryl started running after turning 40 to lose weight. She soon found the runner endorphin high and learned that running gave her much needed stress relief.  Cheryl is passionate about R4R because she believes that because addiction is so stigmatized, people tend to hide the problem and/or pretend it doesn't exist. She wants

to bring awareness to the problem and drop the stigmatization, so people will seek help sooner and have a better chance of recovery.


Board Member

Kim resides in St. Augustine with her husband, Keith Brantly

(a 1996 Marathon Olympian), and their two Jack Russels, Scout and Coco Bean. The former University of North Florida runner won national titles in the 5,000- and 10,000-meter events at the 1996 Division II Outdoor Track & Field National Championships, inducted into UNF’s Hall of Fame in 1996,

and is a 4-time Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier.  


Kim became involved with R4R because she sees it as a much-needed resource for this community. After working for Runwell, her perspective on addiction changed. Initially, she didn’t have empathy for those afflicted, but now, she better understands it as a disease; not a choice. “We need to change the narrative on addiction. It’s a horrible, destructive disease. Nobody ever wakes up one day saying that they want to be an addict. Ever.  We need community-wide support, and we need to provide more opportunities for those seeking a life of recovery."


Board Member

Regina received the Most Enthusiastic Camper award at youth camp and has been going a million miles a minute ever since. She has lived in Jacksonville for 40+ years. After practicing criminal defense litigation for five years, she decided to follow in mom’s footsteps and pursue a career in real estate. Regina started running in 2001 to achieve the goal of completing the Gate River Run before her 30th birthday. She has run 68 marathons and participated in three Ironmans. Regina has used her passion for fitness to give back in many capacities. She feels that it is important to make fitness fun, and not take it all too seriously. She enjoys relaxing family time with her life partner, Bill, her mother, brother and niece. She is excited to give back to the recovery community and change lives.



Board Member

Rex is a person in long-term recovery. He is employed as the Client Service Representative for Stepping Stone Center For Recovery. He is currently working on his bachelor’s degree

in human services with a focus on addiction. He hopes to one day become a therapist in the addiction treatment field.

Rex is passionate and dedicated to showing the beauties

of recovery to others struggling with addiction. Outside of work he enjoys spending his free time  with his wife and son.